Sex and Fitness

Sex and Fitness

Tori Douglas on Oct 25th 2022

You might think the only link between sex and fitness is how attractive you are to your partner. This could not be further from the truth. Fitness is an important part of health, which makes it an important part of sexual health. Feeling sexually attractive can certainly help the libido, but the benefits of staying slim and getting regular exercise go much deeper toward improving your sex life. Learning about the link between fitness and sexual health can make a difference for your overall health and happiness.

Obesity and lack of exercise can cause men and women to have some form of sexual dysfunction. The first culprit is circulation. Circulation is key to good sexual health. Blood flowing to the genitals and other erogenous zones feeds arousal. Obesity can make it harder for the heart to get the blood pumping to these areas, slowing arousal and hindering orgasm. Blood flow helps women create vaginal lubrication and clitoral sensation. In men, blood flow is what helps reach and maintain erection and achieve orgasm. Poor circulation because of obesity, lack of exercise, and poor health has a great negative impact on libido and sexual satisfaction. Getting the blood pumping out of the bedroom can help the blood pumping to the right places in the bedroom.

Stress and libido go hand in hand. Being stressed or anxious can lead to lack of desire or arousal or even cause erectile dysfunction. Studies have shown that exercise can help reduce stress and anxiety. Obesity and stress have also been linked. If you can naturally reduce stress and depression, you can lessen or avoid the use of antidepressants, which can curb libido. Always consult your health care professional about stopping, starting, or side effects of any medication.

Exercise can improve your overall health, which is always a plus for your sexual health. Having a healthy weight and a regular exercise routine can stave off not only obesity, but also disorders like high blood pressure and diabetes. Both these and many other health issues directly affect your sexual function. This is especially true for men as these ailments directly affect erectile dysfunction. Exercise and weight control can also affect your confidence and self image. Looking and feeling better is always good for your confidence. This positive self image helps with both desire and enjoyment of sex. Feeling sexy and seeing the reaction your partner has to your body makes wanting sex and enjoying it more attainable and effortless.

Although it is not enough to sustain weight loss, sex itself is a healthy activity. Sex gets the heart pumping and the sweat flowing. On average, sex burns about 50 calories. It is important for getting circulation up, which leads to better pleasure reception. The more "athletic" the sex, the better, in more ways than one. Certain positions can help isolate muscle groups if you are interested in getting the most from your sexual workout.

Fitness and weight loss are important to overall health. Keeping healthy can help your libido and help keep you sexually healthy.