What do we mean by bedroom gear? Well if you need to do a little bdsm shopping we consider ourselves a bit of a BDSM shop on top of being just a regular adult store; we offer a variety of bondage and bdsm gear for a variety of situations and styles. We have what you need  for soft bdsm, chair bondage, paddle bdsm, and whatever other bedroom bondage gear you might be looking for! Ball gags? We have em, both closed and open mouth ball gags for your wild bdsm gag needs.

Wanna tie your partner up? We sell a curated selection of soft sex ropes for more casual fun, bdsm specific ropes if you want something a little tougher, and even leather restraints for the most kinky among us. We even have bdsm ropes to go with bdsm chairs or even bdsm crosses, if you find yourself in need for some more intense sexual fun. 


What about some light to moderate spanking? Through our shop you will surely be able to find the bdsm whips, paddles, and other such bdsm fetish toys of your wildest dreams. Bdsm clothes, accesories, and gear for anal bdasm can all be found here on our bdsm site shop, or in person at one of our stores. If you're looking for something in the realm of bdsm products , but you haven't quite committed to the specific thing you want to mess around with, Badd Kitty proudly sells Liberator products; Liberators adventure bedroom gear is a series of positional pillows to set you or your partner up in ways you might not normally be able to achieve. 


You might think a regular pillow could do the job but this bedroom bondage gear from Liberators bedroom gear sets can really take the wildness of your sex life to the next level, and they are absolutely worth a try for couples at any level of kinkiness. Whatever your bdsm needs, we here at Badd Kitty have you covered.