Ball Stretching

Ball Stretching

Tori Douglas on Jun 13th 2024

We have talked here on the Badd Kitty blog about different kinds of toys, including cock rings. You had probably heard about most of these before, but are you familiar with ball stretchers? Ball stretchers change the look and feel of your balls either temporarily or permanently, depending on use. Some people use ball stretchers just for the look of low hanging testicles and others like the feeling ball stretchers give them. The tugging sensation of the ball stretcher, whether weighted or not, is pleasant to many.

Ball stretchers are devices which attach to the scrotum between the body and the testicles. They can be made of leather or metal or silicone and can be weighted or have weights added to them. The weight causes the scrotum to stretch and causes a pleasant tugging or pulling feeling for the user. Pay attention to your body when using a ball stretcher and if there is pain or discomfort take it off immediately. You do not want any pain or discomfort in the pulling feeling, only a pleasant sensation of tugging and weight.

Some people use ball stretchers to permanently stretch their scrotum and make the testicles hang lower for the look and feel. Others just want the temporary feeling of pulling or tugging. The weight can be pleasurable on its own. Ball stretching can also cause more intense orgasm for the user.

The devices can either slip over the testicles onto the scrotum, snap around, or be two pieces that lock together around the scrotum. There are also parachute styles which tent around the balls and have a ring on chains below it to attach weights. Silicone, metal, plastic, and leather are the most popular materials. Leather is the hardest to clean and sanitize between partners, so keep that in mind when you purchase. As said above, they can be weighted or have weights attached to stretch the scrotum down and away from the body. This can be temporary or you can wear the device long term to train the scrotum into a longer shape. Ball stretchers can be used in tandem with cock rings to prolong and intensify orgasm.

To find the right size for the ball stretchers, measure the girth of your scrotum above your testicles. If the stretcher is too loose, you will not get the benefits of the stretcher and if it is too tight you could cause issues or even injury to yourself or your partner. Again, there should not be pain or discomfort with the device. Getting a good fit for your body is important for the feeling and benefits of a ball stretcher. Only use a manufactured ball stretcher, not any kind of home made one. Never use rope or string to try to get the sensation of a ball stretcher, as this can be potentially harmful to the testicles and cut off circulation.

Ball stretchers can be a fun addition to your toy box. Try them out for a new and exciting sensation!

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