Beyond Sex Ed

Beyond Sex Ed

Tori Douglas on Oct 14th 2023

We all had to suffer through sex ed in school. What we retained is an individual matter. There is a lot to continue to learn about sex and sexual health. These are a few of the topics you might not have learned about back in school, but you should know.

  • Pee after sex

To avoid a urinary tract infection you should urinate after sex. This helps to flush out bacteria from the urethra. This drastically reduces your chance of a urinary tract infection.

  • Condoms are not a shield for every STI

Some STI's are transferred from skin to skin contact. HPV is one example. Genital herpes is another. You need to get tested and manage your outbreaks for such infections to keep your partner and yourself safe.

  • Continuing Consent

Continuing and enthusiastic consent are vital for sex. No means no and the yes needs to be ongoing. Consent is vital to any sexual encounter and is important to your relationships.

  • Porn is not real life

The majority of porn is not realistic to sex as far as most people are concerned. While porn is fun and can give you and your partner ideas, keep in mind it is fantasy most of the time. Manage your expectations about what translates from porn to actual real life sex.

  • Pre cum is still cum

You can get pregnant or get an STI from pre cum only. It is cum and contains sperm that are viable. You do not even need penetration for it to be an issue.

  • Medications can affect arousal

Certain meds, especially those for mental health, can have a negative effect on libido and arousal. Be aware of the potential side effects of your medication and talk to your doctor about your personal side effects

  • Heavy and painful periods are not normal

Heavy and especially painful periods are sometimes a sign something is wrong. From endometriosis to fibroids there is usually a reason for heavy and painful periods.

  • Non penetrative sex is still sex

Sex comes in a lot of forms. It is not limited to penetrative sex. There are as many types of sex as there are people and different relationships define sex differently.

  • Postpartum is a hard time

Between body and emotional changes, postpartum is a hard time for parents. Postpartum depression can be especially vicious for mothers.

  • Kink exists

Not only does it exist, is a healthy expression of sexuality that should be nurtured in a relationship. Making sure you and your partner are sexually compatible can save a lot of frustration in the future.

  • Masturbation is normal and healthy

Masturbation is a part of a healthy sex life. Whether you have a partner or not, masturbation is important. Masturbation continues to have a negative stigma, but these ideas are changing and masturbation is now viewed in a more positive light.

Education, especially sexual education, can and should be a lifelong endeavor. Staying on top of your sexual knowledge can help you have a better sex life and better sexual health.