Fix Your Sex Life

Fix Your Sex Life

Tori Douglas on May 23rd 2024

There are many reasons you may be unhappy with your sex life. The good news is there are just as many ways to fix your sex life if you are unhappy. Here are a few reasons you may not be satisfied with our sex life and how to improve upon them.

  •  Negative feelings about sex

There are many things that can contribute to negative feelings toward sex and sexuality. Feelings of shame from being taught sex is dirty, mental health issues, history of sexual trauma. all of these can contribute to bad feelings toward sex. Finding a way to talk openly and honestly about these topics, either with a parnter of a healthcare professional, can be incredibly helpful. These can all be open wounds to sex that need healing. Seeking healing can be good for sexual, mental, and emotional health. 

  • Mental Health 

Your mental health is integral to your sex life. Unhappiness, depression, and anxiety can all affect your sexual health and libido. Just as lack of sex can affect mental health. They are lined together and directly affect each others, and the quality of your life. Take care of your mental health and you may find your interest in sex is coming back to life.

  • Lack of Intimacy

Finding time for intimacy with, or without sex is important in any relationship. This includes spending time alone. Schedule date nights, have time alone, kiss and touch each other. Taking the time to focus on intimacy is important in any relationship. 

  • Focus on the positive

Making suggestions to your partner about sexual technique can be tricky. Try to keep the suggestions positive. "I love when you touch me like that" is a good example. Keeping your feedback positive will encourage your partner to keep doing what you like in and out of the bedroom. 

  • Know yourself and your partner

Get to know not only what you like sexually, but what your partner lies and responds to. Know their favorite positions, kinks, and fantasies. Make sure they know yours as well! Sharing this sexual language can help not only your sex life but also your relationship with your partner. 

  • Physical Health

Taking care of your body is a gift to both yourself and your partner. Stop smoking if you do and wish to, eat better, exercise more. These things all help with your sex life and your overall health. Taking care yourself and encouraging your partner to take care of themselves, will improve your sexual health, and relationship. When you feel better, you are able to be a better partner.  

  • Try something new

Spicing up your sex life can happen in a variety of ways. Do not be afraid to try something new. A new sex toy from Badd Kitty, a new position, or a new fantasy. Jump in and shake things up! There are many moving parts to a satisfying sex life. Taking these tips into consideration may help you get back on track with your sex life and relationship.