Making a Scene

Making a Scene

Tori Douglas on Mar 20th 2024

The world of kink can be intimidating. You may have a kink that interests you but you do not know where to start. Beginning anything new can be a challenge at first, but can be rewarding with some education and practice. Here are some ways to break into your kink in a safe and sane way.

  • Talk to your partner or partners

Of course, as with any sexual practice, communication is key. Talking to your partner or partners about your kink and asking about theirs is always the first step. Open communication can open a lot of doors. It can be intimidating at first, but can open up the possibilities of both your kinks. You will often find your partner willing to explore your kink either to make you happy or because they are genuinely interested in exploring kink. You may also find yourself interested in their kink as well. Communication will open these doors and strengthen both your relationship and your sex life.

  • Start slow

Most kinks you want to ease into. You might have an image or idea about where you want to end up, but it might take a lot of trial and error to get there. This is especially true if your partner is also a novice to this particular kink. Start simple and work up to more elaborate or accurate scenes. Diving right in could lead to a bad first experience and sour both you and your partner on the kink. Depending on your kink, you could also cause discomfort or even injury.

  • Watch porn

This is not foolproof, but can be an introduction. Watching a scene of what turns you on then trying to emulate it can be an easy road to kink. A word of caution, porn is not always realistic and beginner friendly as far as practice. Be sure to start easy and slow with any sexual practice you are not familiar with to avoid discomfort or even injury.

  • Look online for groups

You can find a lot of resources on the internet. Look for groups, either online or in person, that practice your kink.

You can get information and talk to those who have more experience with your particular kink. You can also find people in your area or online who you can partner with to learn more about and explore your kink.

  • Attend a munch

A munch is a meeting, usually at a restaurant, of people in a kink community. This is a "get to know you" kind of meeting to meet like minded people. Getting to know the community around your kink can help you find friends, mentors, or partners to explore and practice your kink.

With communication and education, kink can be a great way to sexually express yourself. Exploring your kink or kinks can help you learn about yourself and your partner. So dip a toe into the world of kink and see where it takes you. You might find out a lot about yourself in the process.

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