New Year, New Connections

New Year, New Connections

Tori Douglas on Dec 26th 2023

Each new year is a time of new habits. How many times have you made a New Year resolution that you did not keep? Sexual and relationship resolutions are important and can be a joy to keep all throughout the year. This year you can make some resolutions to improve your relationship and sexual health. Here is a list of resolutions that will carry your relationship and sexual health in the right direction for 2024.

  • Make an appointment for a sexual health checkup

Whether you need a pelvic exam or to talk to your health care provider about your concerns, make the appointment. You want to start off the year with your sexual health as a priority.

  • Check in with your partner

Start off 2024 with an open line of communication with your partner. We all know communication is key to both your relationship and a healthy sex life. Start or build upon that communication between you and your partner as the New Year begins.

  • Try something new for the new year

The adage of New Year, New You can be applied to your relationship and sex life. Try a new sexual position or act, act on a fantasy you or your partner always wanted to try. There are a thousand ways you can freshen up your sexual playbook. Try some light bondage or a little spanking to spice things up if you do not usually do those things.

  • Concentrate on your partner

Make the resolution to be more giving sexually and emotionally to your partner. Make that extra effort to make them feel loved and taken care of, in and out of the bedroom. Hand holding, talking, and really listening are great ways to connect and make your partner feel special. You can also have a special night where it is all about your partner and their pleasure.

  • Buy new toys and lingerie

Start off the New Year with a treasure trove of new sexual toys and lingerie. These things can go a long way to liven up the bedroom as you and your partner explore your new finds together. The simplest vibes to a new kink like a blindfold or cuffs can lead to new pleasures and sexual experiences.

  • Invest in time together

This year, make it a priority to spend some quality time together. Schedule time to be alone as a couple whether it is date nights or weekends away. Schedule sex every so often to reconnect physically. Especially if you have a family to tend to, it is important to have couple time to remind each other you are more than just parents, you are lovers as well.

Each New Year brings a new opportunity to begin a new chapter in your relationship and sexual health and life. Take advantage of this clean slate to find new ways to grow as a couple and as lovers. The investment is worth the time and effort that will repay you both in a deeper relationship and a richer sex life.