Sex Positive

Sex Positive

Tori Douglas on Mar 8th 2024

Sex positive. It seems to be a buzzword right now, but do you know what it really means? Having a positive attitude about sex and a generally good sexual self image are just the beginning. There are certain traits to sex positive people that we here at Badd Kitty support fully. Sex positive people are open and honest about their bodies and their partners bodies. They are open to learning about sex and sexuality and feel comfortable with communication and questions about sex and sexual activity. They are comfortable with intimacy and all that entails emotionally and psychologically.

Sex positivity means accepting all kinds of sex, even if it is not your cup of tea. Heterosexual or homosexual, kinky of vanilla, let others sexual lives be their own. Support their right to have whatever fun they want in their bedroom, even if you would never try it yourself. Be an ally of sex positivity and those who practice it. Gender issues are a part of sex, so respect others gender identity as well. There should be no shame in healthy sexual expression and healthy sexual activity. This can be hard because of educational, cultural, or religious backgrounds, but it is an important part of sex positivity. An open mind is a great sexual tool. It leaves room to explore fantasies and kinks in a healthy environment.

Being sex positive means sex is a healthy part of your life, whether alone or with a partner. Sex is a subject of health, not something to be ashamed of. Communication is key, after all. It can be discussed openly and honestly with partners from long term to one night. You can also talk just as openly and honestly with your health care provider about any issues or concerns regarding your sexual health. This can help with early detection of STI's or certain types of cancer.

Sex positive people care about safe sex, not only for their own sake but the sakes of their partner or partners. This includes talking about sexual history, using barrier methods such as condoms or dental dams, and getting tested for STI's regularly. This sense of safety during sex extends to emotional and psychological safety, especially if a partner has a history of sexual trauma.

The sex positive movement is all about consent. Anything goes, as long as all partners are informed and consenting. Yes means yes and no definitely means no. From kinks to multiple partners, all parties must consent for there to be any sexual activity. Rules and hard lines should be established and followed. Safe. Sane. Consensual. These are the three magic words of being sex positive. Establish your boundaries, then let your libido, and your partner or partners, be your guide

Sex positivity and good sexual health go hand in hand. Being comfortable with your own sexuality will always help you keep more sexually healthy. It can also lead to a better sex life and a healthier attitude. It may also lead to a more open mind about sex, sexuality, and other people.


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