Vitamin D

Vitamin D

Tori Douglas on Jul 22nd 2023

Many of us take a vitamin supplement for various health and wellness concerns. Different vitamins, minerals, and herbs affect different aspects of our health and life. As we say here on the blog, sexual health is health. So why not add in a vitamin that can help your sexual health? There is evidence vitamin D can help with sexual health and wellness. The benefits of adding vitamin D to your regimen can be a boon to your sexual life and health.

Vitamin D can be obtained through sunshine, through certain foods such as fatty fish, mushrooms, egg yolks or orally in a supplement. Do not underestimate the importance of getting some sunshine and eating a good diet. You should also check with your health care provider to see if adding an over the counter oral supplement is right for your health and situation. Along with the benefits to your cardiovascular health and sex drive, it helps regulate calcium and phosphate in your system. These benefits to overall health can affect your sex drive and satisfaction, as well as your bone health.

Vitamin D is shown to help with symptoms of mental health and depression. This boost in mental health symptoms can help the individual with sexual desire and libido. Because mental health, especially depression, can lower libido, using vitamin D to support mood and mental health symptoms can be a great boost. Using vitamin D to support mood and mental health can put you in a more receptive mood for sex and intimacy. The better your mental health and general mood, the more receptive you are to sex and intimacy.

Low vitamin D can lower your rate of orgasm. Lack of sexual desire and libido paired with the other bodily effects of low vitamin D can lower your desire and rate of orgasm, as well as your overall sexual satisfaction.

Vitamin D is linked with sexual and cardiovascular health and can help with erectile dysfunction. Analysis has shown a connection between low vitamin D and the effect of erectile dysfunction. This suggests a correlation between low vitamin D and the worst symptoms of erectile dysfunction. Since vitamin D helps support cardiovascular health it is thought that this benefits blood flow to the penis, helping with erectile dysfunction symptoms. General sexual health is improved with better cardiovascular health. The more blood flow there is to genitals and other erogenous zones the easier it is to get pleasure from sex.

Low vitamin D can also be linked to low testosterone. This leads to lower sex drive and a lack of energy that may lead to lower interest in sex and lower satisfaction in your sexual encounters. 

Taking an oral vitamin D supplement can become a small but important part of your health routine, as can getting outside for some sun and getting more vitamin D from your diet. Taking the initiative to improve your sexual health has benefits beyond the bedroom! 

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